Research Prioritisation

Achieving better health for mothers and babies in NZ

In order to ensure we ask the right questions for future research, in 2020 we are conducting a national study to identify the research most urgently needed to improve health and healthcare for mothers and babies in New Zealand. The first step in this project was to bring together everyone and anyone with an interest in perinatal and maternal health research to identify current knowledge gaps using an online questionnaire and phone/video interviews.

We invited knowledge gap contributions from a large and diverse group of people across New Zealand including women and whānau, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders involved in maternal and perinatal health and healthcare (e.g. scientists, researchers, funders, policy-makers).

Once current knowledge gaps have been identified, a list of research questions will be developed to ascertain the research most urgently required to improve future health for mothers and babies in New Zealand.

This project is currently ongoing and if you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.