Participant Stories

We believe it is important to share stories from mums and parents who have participated in, or whose babies have participated in, clinical trials research. It is really valuable to hear from, and to learn from, those people with lived experience as we continue to develop future clinical trials for better health of mothers and babies.

If you would like to share your own story please email us:
  • Vanessa Norman
    I’m very interested to see the results of this study and I think there will be findings to help babies born in the future. I’m hoping that when it comes time for baby number two, we can take part in research again!
    Vanessa Norman
  • Kathleen Morrison
    I’m happy to have been able to help and I’m looking forward to finding out the outcome of the research in due course.  I think I’m definitely more open to other studies now that I have done this and had a positive experience.  I thank those involved for their important work!
    Kathleen Morrison
  • Billie Jones
    I’m proud that my two boys have been able to contribute.  By participating in research my whānau has contributed to improving the lives of mums, and to saving the lives of future babies
    Billie Jones
  • Jessica Steele
    I like to think that contributing to research in New Zealand has come full circle for me and my whānau. We have certainly benefited along the way from those who came before us and contributed to studies that have helped us to better understand our babies and their needs
    Jessica Steele