C*STEROID Feasibility

June 14, 2020
June 15, 2020

C*STEROID Feasibility

C*STEROID Feasibility

Researchers are conducting a large trial, called the C*STEROID Trial, to find out whether giving mothers corticosteroid injections before having a planned caesarean section from 35 weeks of pregnancy will safely reduce the risk of short term breathing problems for babies. This trial will include approximately 2600 mothers and their babies.

Before the research team started this main trial they conducted the C*STEROID Feasibility Study to provide more information about how best to conduct the main trial. The Feasibility Study helped to identify which women are willing to take part in such a trial, the duration of follow up participants are willing to agree to, what factors support or prevent women from taking part and what factors support or prevent midwives and doctors contributing to the study. It also helped to work out the practicalities of the study. Results of the Feasibility Study will also contribute to the main trial.

Women undergoing a planned caesarean section at 35+0 to 39+6 weeks were asked to participate by completing a questionnaire about their decision to take part or not take part in the study. Women who took part in the randomised controlled trial were also given two injections of corticosteroid or placebo in the week before their planned caesarean section.

Recruitment to The C*STEROID Feasibility Study closed in March 2020.

Status: Recruitment complete.

ANZCTR number: ACTRN12618002028280

Contact: csteroid@auckland.ac.nz