Welcome to the ON TRACK Network

Established in 2016, the ON TRACK Network aims to engage with everyone interested in clinical trials research for better health of mothers and babies across New Zealand.

Our clinician-led Network is inclusive of all professional groups in New Zealand concerned with maternal, fetal, neonatal and paediatric health. We cover the geography of New Zealand with regional representatives across the district health boards. We have an established consumer forum to optimise the impact of what we do, and our activities are overseen by a National Executive Committee.

Our strategic pillars

The Network has three strategic pillars underpinning all of its activities:

Identify priority research questions for New Zealanders in maternal and perinatal health.

Facilitate the establishment and effective integration of multicentre clinical trials in maternal and perinatal health at all New Zealand sites.

Facilitate the dissemination and timely implementation of research into clinical practice to raise the profile of evidence-based practice, increase the knowledge-base of local practitioners and enhance the quality of care received by women and babies nationwide

Quick links

Contribute knowledge gaps to our Research Prioritisation Project. This important project is open to everyone. Access further information and the online questionnaire here: http://bit.ly/ontrack2020

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A number of clinical trials are currently open to recruitment across New Zealand sites.  Find out more about these trials on our clinical trials page.

A coordinating centre for clinical trials research, hosted by the Liggins Institute and supporting the ON TRACK Network. 

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Details of upcoming meetings and events will be made available here.